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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

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Emergency disaster cleanup services

  • Fire and smoke recovery
  • Water damage cleanup
  • Mould removal and environmental remediation
  • Wind and storm damage recovery
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When you suffer a loss caused by fire, water, wind or mould, the period immediately following can be a time of confusion. At Novatech DKI, we believe that communicating exactly what you can expect during this high-stress time can help alleviate uncertainty and provide comfort and help.

In the event of a loss due to fire or water, the first thing we will determine is the safety and habitability of your home or business. We will consider structure damage, presence of mould, sewer backup contamination, biohazards, smoke toxicity and immune compromised occupants. Once safety issues have been assessed, the next priority is preserve your belongings.

If your home is uninhabitable, your insurance representative will advise you on whether your policy includes coverage for increased costs of temporary lodging until you are able to return.

Please know that, at Novatech DKI, we understand that your home is private and that the necessity of having strangers at this time can be stressful. You can rest assured that the people who work for our company will treat your property with the utmost respect.

The Paperwork

As you might expect, to manage the work process, there are a number of forms that your insurance and restoration experts will discuss with you. This ensures that everyone involved is fully aware of the scope of the work to be done, timelines and outcomes expected.

Your insurance representative will meet with you to assess damages, discuss your policy particulars and take a statement from you regarding what has occurred. A “Work Authorization” is required to allow a restoration company to begin immediate emergency clean-up and stabilization of your property, which may involve extracting water, drying the building using specialized dehumidification equipment, air scrubbing and cleaning of affected items and areas. The “Work Authorization” is an agreement between you and the service provider to carry out emergency services to stabilize the situation.

In an instance where no insurance funds are forthcoming, you’ll be responsible for payment.

When you buy an insurance policy, you agree to pay the first portion of any loss. The amount of the “Deductible” you choose often affects the amount of the premium you pay. This deductible applies only once per occurrence, regardless of how many items are claimed.

Novatech DKI is a member of Disaster Kleenup International (Canada) Ltd., a national network of industry-leading restoration professionals. As such, when you contract Novatech DKI, at the end of the job you will receive a “Completion Certificate” that provides you with a warranty and assures your complete satisfaction.

The Pack Out

In some cases, contents may need to be brought to our facility to allow for effective restoration – this is called a “Pack Out.” Typically, this would include clothing, bedding, electronics or any delicate items susceptible to further deterioration.

We will take a careful inventory of the contents to be removed from your home or business. You may decide to be on hand while items are being packed and listed – after which you will be asked to sign the inventory documents confirming the list. You will receive a copy of this inventory before your items are removed.

You will be asked to identity items that are highly valuable or have sentimental value, so that careful attention can be paid to them. If you choose not to be present during the “Pack Out”, you may sign a disclaimer that gives authorization to remove items and you will be sent inventory lists at a later time.

As a result of Transport Canada regulations, we do not transport dangerous goods such as propane, paint or aerosols. We also encourage you to remove any personal items before the pack out process begins.


When you file your claim, your insurance representative will provide you with a “Proof of Loss” form, usually within 60 days. When your claim is complete, your insurance company will require you to sign it – indicating your agreement with the settlement in the claim.

Your insurance company will require you to fill out “Schedule of Loss” forms, which usually involves identifying items, their make and model numbers, where they were purchased and their original cost. Through this form, items that are non-restorable and marked for replacement will be determined.

Although this process is time consuming, it may have a direct impact on how quickly your claim is finalized. In fact, replacement of your belongings may be delayed until these forms are completed. Planning to tackle this task early in the process will help it move along quickly.


For restoration after severe situations, the details of the work required will be outlined in what is called a “Scope of Repair” form. You must authorize this form before work can begin. Depending on the nature of the work required and the possible need to order fixtures, flooring and other materials, this period may take several days to several weeks to complete.


Novatech DKI is committed to ensure you are satisfied with our work. Once you have agreed that the work is complete and have signed your insurance company’s “Proof of Loss” document, we will provide you with a two-year repair warranty.